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Meet Chef Brad.

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I have always had a passion for food. My love of cooking first began during my childhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was taught the “old fashioned” way — in the kitchen alongside my grandmother and father.  


However, as an adult I spent years working the front of the house being a server, bartender, etc., then moved into the corporate world and worked in Public Relations and Intellectual Property Law; but I never forgot the time spent preparing meals with my family.


At the age of 40 my undeniable passion for the culinary arts was reawakened. I embarked on a path toward a career in the culinary arts and I’ve never looked back.


My culinary journey began in Grand Rapids, MI where I enrolled at the Secchia Institute of Culinary Education. Attending the institute paved the way to an internship in the South of France in Villeneuvette and Montpellier.

Now I have returned to give back to the city where it all began by infusing every meal with fun, love and creativity. I hope you’re hungry.

Chef Brad Verberg

Meet Chef Brad
Decorated Gourmet Meal

Why choose Rising Flame?

The Passion

Rising Flame Culinary strives to be the community’s leading personal culinary service by providing stress-free, satisfying food and education through a portfolio of culinary skills, Rising Flame strives to differentiate its menu, services and products.
I work hard to deliver the best possible experience by infusing every event with fun, love, and creativity.
Pan Seared Shrimp
Roasted Turkey

The focus

Rising Flame's focus is to help people live happy and healthy lives with comforting foods in an entertaining atmosphere.
Rising Flame provides its clients with locally and internationally inspired food made with the highest quality ingredients, exceptional service, and the love and care that goes into a dinner Grandma used to make.

The future

Rising Flame strives to grow by offering personalized parties, and in-home cooking lessons.
Why choose RF?

What's the difference?

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What is a private chef?

A Private Chef is typically employed full-time by one family or individual. A private chef often lives with or near the employer, preparing up to three meals per day.

What is a personal chef?

A Personal Chef, maintains several clients, typically one per day, and provides multiple custom-designed meals per client requests and requirements. These prepared meals are packaged and properly stored for the client’s future consumption.

Chef Brad Verberg is a Personal Chef.

What's The Difference?
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